New York Street Food - The BEST BELGIAN WAFFLES in NYC!

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2 个月 前

Toa Kasi
Toa Kasi 天 前
OMG yummy
Aye Love
Aye Love 5 天 前
Is that ice cream or whip cream? Melts like ice cream. I have all these ingredients except the strawberries.....making that right now.
Maggie Trifilo
Maggie Trifilo 7 天 前
I've had these before, they are delicious!!!
Wi. Ko.
Wi. Ko. 16 天 前
Dałbyś przepis na te gofry 😊
magellan rose
magellan rose 17 天 前
I’ve actually been here!! Finally after watching almost every video I’ve been to one of the places!
Алексей Неудахин
Алексей Неудахин 18 天 前
Сколько стоит порция кто знает ?
Susanne Schirmer
Susanne Schirmer 个月 前
Vlasis 个月 前
This is a Michelin star waffle
Lisette Kamphuis
Lisette Kamphuis 个月 前
Hmmm, a good waffle doesn't need any of those toppings. Just for Americans, I guess ......
Mazmaryo FA
Mazmaryo FA 个月 前
Mantap Dah, Smoga Kita Bisa Bantu Para Pedagang Kecil Ammin, Sallam Pejuang Street Food
Meng Yoke Hew
Meng Yoke Hew 个月 前
Anthoni Pettis
Anthoni Pettis 个月 前
Сладкие вафли с беконом. Что за х
Eunmi Jang Channel
Eunmi Jang Channel 个月 前
Love it
JoyFood 조이푸드
JoyFood 조이푸드 个月 前
so yummy~~
Jonny Silva
Jonny Silva 2 个月 前
Anuel playin in the back*
Rizaki Zanuardi
Rizaki Zanuardi 2 个月 前
Food News Video
Food News Video 2 个月 前
Look great Nice waffles I love it
Marcos Santos
Marcos Santos 2 个月 前
🤤Humm essa delícia é bom? Se for bom eu já quero😁mas com certeza é BOM🤤
animen 2 个月 前
вафля,банан,шоколад...бекон с мёдом?клёвое сочетание XDD
very delicious waffle, sweet n savory version. the hot choco with marshmallow must be really comforting... I enjoy all the process... wonderful
Arfa Barmcake
Arfa Barmcake 2 个月 前
That waffle look amazing, im actually salvinating all over the place watching this vid 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
Gonzo 2 个月 前
Am i the only one disgusted by that waffle iron? Theres thick bubbly goo baked all over that thing
Mr. Lach Thea
Mr. Lach Thea 2 个月 前
Look wonderful
Dee Delicious
Dee Delicious 2 个月 前
Looking hungry
Stig Niks
Stig Niks 2 个月 前
Если бы ребёнок в детском саду такое накалапуцал ,его можно было б похвалить!
Vladimir Isaykin
Vladimir Isaykin 2 个月 前
Грязные бананы, не мытая клубника, фу. От такой еды если не сдохнешь, так обсерешься.
ĐEEZ 2 个月 前
Omfg why am i torturing myself at 3am with this video
ayo royal
ayo royal 2 个月 前
ayo royal
ayo royal 2 个月 前
Titin Kamila
Titin Kamila 2 个月 前
Tempat yg bagus👍👍👍 dan makanan yg selalu bikin laper🤤🤤🤤
The Food Lane
The Food Lane 2 个月 前
Goodgirlgonebad 2 个月 前
I know its good.
Arrumaisya Leslie
Arrumaisya Leslie 2 个月 前
Awsome nice
Big Street Food
Big Street Food 2 个月 前
♥️Thank you so much this is nice 👍 Big Street Food 🍱!
Cozinhando Com a Keide
Cozinhando Com a Keide 2 个月 前
muraho nitwa Jocicleide nkomoka muri Berezile. nkunda kureba amashusho yawe nibyiza cyane! twishimiye! ngwino urebe umuyoboro wanjye wo guteka hanyuma wiyandikishe kandi dusangire kumfasha nyamuneka! urakoze!
Chef Beyk
Chef Beyk 2 个月 前
NICE It was great dear friend. Please also watch my professional cooking videos. (Cooking from beginner to professional)
Michael 2 个月 前
That sweet sweet Belgian maple syrup 😂
susi daruni
susi daruni 2 个月 前
Slrruuuuuppppp 🤤😋
Berber lion
Berber lion 2 个月 前
Сижу на работе жду перерыва на обед и слюни текут рекой
Adrien F
Adrien F 2 个月 前
Dean Ggold
Dean Ggold 2 个月 前
I am from Belgium and believe me those waffles are super tasty without all those toppings. there is no need to put all those extras on it. if you eat it for the first time, eat it without anything and you won't regret it. all those toppings are a trap so they can charge you more, but such a waffle doesn't need that. They also do this here in Belgium for all those tourists
Dean Ggold
Dean Ggold 18 小时 前
@shawn walker are you married to karen? that must be quite a hard life
shawn walker
shawn walker 18 小时 前
Ahhh shuttuppp we didnt ask
Local Thailand
Local Thailand 2 个月 前
Wow, look yummy
Marin Popescu
Marin Popescu 2 个月 前
Like 10👍👍👍
To the person who is reading this You are awesome & hope you are safe😁❤️
Йазь Петрович
Йазь Петрович 2 个月 前
Do Rebel
Do Rebel 2 个月 前
Sure that the owner is not Belgian! I'm a Belgian... just the waffle machine is so dirty, you won't find such a disgusting machine in Belgium... Also here we only eat Brussels waffles with cutlery not Liege waffles. They're made especially for you to taste the sugar pearls they put in them, not topped with a bunch of stuff... Geez, it is just amazingly awful :(
야미보감 yummy bogam
야미보감 yummy bogam 2 个月 前
03:05 생크림 짜는기계 신기해요ㅋㅋ엄청 편해보입니다 😊💗💕
Two Pineapples
Two Pineapples 2 个月 前
I need some of this right now. Cant find good waffles in hawaii! Mahalo for the share and making us hangry over hea
Joe Mamma
Joe Mamma 2 个月 前
I've never seen waffles from solid dough! It's always batter
jan steyaert
jan steyaert 2 个月 前
When people say Belgian waffles they mean one of two well-known recipes. The first kind is the Brussels Waffle which is made from a thick batter. The second one is the Liege Waffle which is made from something almost resembling bread dough with pearl sugar in it. The Liege waffle is way sweeter than the Brussels Waffle which has no sweeteners in the batter. The Brussels waffle is very crispy and light while the Liege waffle is dense and, usually, not crispy at all.
Γεώργιος Μελιχούρτης
Γεώργιος Μελιχούρτης 2 个月 前
I have eaten waffles from different places , sweet or salty , they have only one thing in common , a very strong taste and smell of egg . Not my favorite .
Dennis DuFrane
Dennis DuFrane 2 个月 前
$500 waffles
anna Lewis
anna Lewis 2 个月 前
Maki Star
Maki Star 2 个月 前
It is the best, pricey but worth every bite.
Sonia Alves da rocha
Sonia Alves da rocha 2 个月 前
Eu quero
schmeckts? 2 个月 前
Kim Young
Kim Young 2 个月 前
Thank you so much for your video ❤️❤️❤️
sau 2 个月 前
You should try out the place called Rice to Riches! It has some of the most delicious rice pudding I’ve ever had!
sau 2 个月 前
I love these waffles! I had the original ones from back when they started as a food truck and I look forward to them when I go into NYC.
Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons 2 个月 前
Please add price of meal.
Travels in Cambodia
Travels in Cambodia 2 个月 前
thank you for your sharing but siem reap road is ...🇰🇭😍🇰🇭
445pac 2 个月 前
Yong Yong
Yong Yong 2 个月 前
I could literally eat 10 of these
Pazanda Xon
Pazanda Xon 2 个月 前
👍👍👍 подписывайтесь на мой канал🙏🙏🙏 Есть интересные видео😍😍😍
流浪猫 2 个月 前
Is it a bug or what? Why your channel name is null?
KrustyGraf 2 个月 前
Juan R.
Juan R. 2 个月 前
They look delicious but if you look good to your left before they take them out there is a hair on it they still look delicious and gross at the same time . SERIOUSLY take a look you will see it sorry
Дима Соловей
Дима Соловей 2 个月 前
Не вафли, а печенье в клеточку😀
František Leiterman
František Leiterman 2 个月 前
Top ukázka!
Yummy Foodland
Yummy Foodland 2 个月 前
I like your video, it's delicious.
JerEXer 2 个月 前
8:25 comes eso y mueres de un paro cardiaco xd
Monky Dollqueen
Monky Dollqueen 2 个月 前
You can't fight for a place in someone's life because no matter how hard you try to keep your place, they'll put you where they want to even if it's not where you should be.
Kandi Kim
Kandi Kim 2 个月 前
Monky, it's not that serious. You can make these waffles at home if you find a good recipe on Pinterest.
Yukno Imreighte
Yukno Imreighte 2 个月 前
wtf that got to do with wafels?
Precious M
Precious M 2 个月 前
Daniela Pereira
Daniela Pereira 2 个月 前
Mike Brown
Mike Brown 2 个月 前
Where can I order that waffle maker from.
Yasmin Jaime
Yasmin Jaime 个月 前
Amazon, eBay
전기양 2 个月 前
벨기에 국밥
FooderMarket 2 个月 前
Delicious waffles. I wanna try one😋😋
Roneshia's Space-Christian Channel
Roneshia's Space-Christian Channel 2 个月 前
Great! Now I have to get a Belgian waffle for breakfast!! 🤦🏽‍♀🤦🏽‍♀🤣
Yummy sweet treat!
Thaifood泰国美食&普吉岛生活 2 个月 前
尤Abell39 2 个月 前
Amanda Sparkle
Amanda Sparkle 2 个月 前
That's so awesome that this is a street food stall! Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!
GhostStalker 2 个月 前
They started out as a food truck a decade ago, and now they have stalls in a bunch of tourist locations in Manhattan (Bryant Park, Times Square, Herald Square), plus are almost always at a stand at the Holiday Markets across town during the season), plus a physical cafe location in Alphabet City. They’ve done well for themselves.
Adel Alghamdi
Adel Alghamdi 2 个月 前
Nice 👍
Monique Pope
Monique Pope 2 个月 前
Those are sooo good and they are worth every penny. 🗽🗽💯💯😋😋
Local Jax ASMR
Local Jax ASMR 2 个月 前
Who loves to eat Belgian waffles here.
tetew tetetew
tetew tetetew 2 个月 前
Enak ya keliatannya
الطبخ والنزه في المغرب
الطبخ والنزه في المغرب 2 个月 前
Jorge Luzuriaga Bayarres
Jorge Luzuriaga Bayarres 2 个月 前
Is in the amazing Bryant Park?
Nicolas 2 个月 前
Literally the first frame of the video. :D
FoodieWave 2 个月 前
Wow. Look interesting
jpsum 2 个月 前
That would be $50 please!
김감자사랑해 2 个月 前
OllieT 2 个月 前
As someone who has eaten at this place, it's overrated and expensive. There is definitely someplace better in NYC and for a reasonable price.
Dean Ggold
Dean Ggold 2 个月 前
I am from Belgium and believe me those waffles are super tasty without all those toppings. there is no need to put all those extras on it. if you eat it for the first time, eat it without anything and you won't regret it. all those toppings are a trap so they can charge you more, but such a waffle doesn't need that. They also do this here in Belgium for all those tourists
maoristereo 2 个月 前
If this is the best in NYC, i sure am glad i live in Portugal.
GhostStalker 2 个月 前
@OllieT agreed. I usually only get one if I’m craving a waffle when I’m waiting for a bus near Bryant Park or at Kinokuniya
OllieT 2 个月 前
@GhostStalker Absolutely they still taste great and I'll get one if I'm near a location but man are they just a tourist trap nowadays.
GhostStalker 2 个月 前
They’ve definitely gotten more expensive over the years. I started checking them out when they were still just a food truck a decade ago after they were on Food Network (anyone remember Throwdown with Bobby Flay?). The waffle quality is still good, but as they got physical locations in tourist heavy areas (Bryant Park, Times Square, Herald Square, plus stands at the Holiday Markets around town during the season, and their physical cafe in Alphabet City), their prices have gone up by a couple dollars or so. Still love their waffles though, and will grab one when I’m in the area.
Paul. 2 个月 前
Who else just got hungry for New York waffles. 🗽
Street Food Pakistan - SFP
Street Food Pakistan - SFP 2 个月 前
What a video i think your recipe is totally different i see your video completely good prestation great meal this is a too much experience for me keep it up 😃🤗😋😋😋👌
이다 Ida ASMR
이다 Ida ASMR 2 个月 前
Jack Arrows
Jack Arrows 2 个月 前
찐 한국요리Jin Koreanfood
찐 한국요리Jin Koreanfood 2 个月 前
와플 비주얼👍👍👍
Ruşen Yildiz
Ruşen Yildiz 2 个月 前
Daily life
Daily life 2 个月 前
Blue Giant
Blue Giant 2 个月 前
Hi love from Philippines 🇵🇭 ❤️
Delicious time! Confectionery Video Collection Part 2
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