New York City Food - GIANT BLACK PEPPER LOBSTER Laut Seafood NYC

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2 个月 前

Gowtham 天 前
Rest In Peace
La Yhdejjj
La Yhdejjj 天 前
I've seen horror movies with less gore
La Yhdejjj
La Yhdejjj 天 前
That poor animal, I felt as if I were watching some kind of serial killer in action
Adan Rr
Adan Rr 3 天 前
Teu wawuh green moon.jadi saur abdi mangga weh neng ,kaditu teu kitu teuing abdi mah.
洪小姐 4 天 前
silvia elena teglia
silvia elena teglia 4 天 前
Porque haces sufrir tanto a la pobre langosta, porque no la mataste de una y no lentamente... todo para vos lucirte... no es así...
Donna McZesty
Donna McZesty 5 天 前
Donna McZesty
Donna McZesty 5 天 前
That second claw looked like Mike Tyson Glove . Never seen such a large lobster . Good Health to all. Let's be safe out there EVERYONE.
Bogaren 123
Bogaren 123 6 天 前
Mantap lobster lada hitam nanti aku coba
Cenaida Silva
Cenaida Silva 8 天 前
a mi me encantan la comida de mar pero esto realmente me duele ver como trituran los animales vivos 😢😢😢
Spearo Timbo
Spearo Timbo 8 天 前
Should of dispatched it first, not rocket science.
Tanvir Hossen
Tanvir Hossen 8 天 前
Why don't you guys just kill it first then process?
Narawudt Prasertwitayakij
Narawudt Prasertwitayakij 8 天 前
that chef is cooking the canadian lobster wrong way
Lincoln Fong
Lincoln Fong 8 天 前
not an inexpensive menu choice ~
gr8tgee 8 天 前
He did a great job, you don't have to get every morsel out of every nook and cranny, its just eating, its ok if some things go to waste, it's a fkn bug and if your gonna worry about respecting everything you kill and eat, then don't fkn eat it.🤔
Mohammed Alhoraibi
Mohammed Alhoraibi 10 天 前
I guess this is the first time for you to cut or cook Lobster so stupid
exequiel varas
exequiel varas 11 天 前
No entiendo pq no la matan Y desp hacen todo lo que quieren
валентина андреева
валентина андреева 11 天 前
У них МОРЕ СПЕЦИЙ -и все в ОДНУ КУЧУ а в чем СОЛЬ?
Mohd zainal Ariff
Mohd zainal Ariff 12 天 前
HORROR VIDEO..very bad bad Cook..
abdul harith ibrahim
abdul harith ibrahim 13 天 前
Just subscribed...regards from Malaysia 🇲🇾
Taps Ars
Taps Ars 13 天 前
I don't eat lobsters but I still found this video very awesome .
Armgears 14 天 前
Bruh what a fucking waste
Excel Master
Excel Master 14 天 前
Lust of taste make human animal
Amit Mathur
Amit Mathur 14 天 前
They must be paying a fortune to these butchers for cleaning up and extracting meat out of such hard shells and claws😎😀
MsJrzy 15 天 前
BadWolf GoodDog
BadWolf GoodDog 15 天 前
This guy has no clue what to do when it comes to preparing a large lobster. The amount of small bits of cracked shell left behind from pulverzing the carapas is amatuer at best. It'll be like gravel in a customers mouth. Also, that deep fryer looked brown and nasty. The lobster probably tasted like a mix of everything cooked in the oil for the past week. His wok skills are weak and an embarassment to western chefs. He doesn't know how to use more than the just bottom of the wok... he would have been better off using a large copper bottomed pot. That lobster derserved a better chef.
Kzkzkz Kzkzkz
Kzkzkz Kzkzkz 15 天 前
Очень грубая работа, нет аккуратности. В Японии без спешки и чётко разделывают. Сначала надо в лед ложить, а потом уже разделывают, жалко же лобстера
Dice Dice
Dice Dice 15 天 前
Who the hell eats at this kind of restaurant?.... You better set your brain straight
Dice Dice
Dice Dice 15 天 前
What a waste of lobster
Freer Chi
Freer Chi 16 天 前
郑斌 16 天 前
Gladson Vieira
Gladson Vieira 17 天 前
Why no kill first?
Syeda Shahana
Syeda Shahana 17 天 前
If Gordon Ramsay saw what these people are doing to these poor Lobsters , he would definitely snap...
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith 17 天 前
Please employ real cook to do the job.
Jean Noren
Jean Noren 18 天 前
The kitchen sink is no place for a cooked lobester. Not in a restaurant. Also why ruin it by deep frying?😕
Jean Noren
Jean Noren 18 天 前
You could sharpen the cleaver!
humam prakoso
humam prakoso 18 天 前
Kasihan banget si lobster nya
Tumbulok Sx
Tumbulok Sx 18 天 前
Chef tergoblok di dunia ini gaessss
t e vvv y
t e vvv y 18 天 前
Wowwww😲😲😲👍👍👍Fannnntastik!!😋😋😋😋😋Dint know in NYC have Better than the ones🐙🐚🐡🐟here in Singapore.....😂😅😆😆😆
Abdussamet Bas
Abdussamet Bas 19 天 前
Abdussamet Bas
Abdussamet Bas 19 天 前
Kevin Lima
Kevin Lima 19 天 前
I mean... Just the way he took off the second claw was... WTF is this guy doing in a kitchen ?!
Senda Gaya
Senda Gaya 19 天 前
that look unsatisfying 😑
Mahdi Chawki
Mahdi Chawki 19 天 前
Who thought him how to kill and prepare a lobster?! That's to vile to watch.
gamunu Fdo
gamunu Fdo 20 天 前
You wast your money and our time...this chef dont know anything 😫
Wendel Silva Maurício
Wendel Silva Maurício 21 天 前
Porque tem que colocar gelo?
Polly D
Polly D 21 天 前
cutting the tail off , ripping claws...then you kill it BRAVO for the middle age technic dumbass
Neide qe pena nao vi a julia dançando!! Campos
Neide qe pena nao vi a julia dançando!! Campos 21 天 前
Deve ser muito bom esse prato feito por um bom cozinheiro
He is not at all a chef...
T T 21 天 前
Very bad example. ...that's like a dentist ripping your teeth out. ..then giving you a sedative after. ..daft twat
Banksy238 22 天 前
That was the least skilled prep of a lobster I have ever seen...
Camila Bispo
Camila Bispo 22 天 前
Tudo errado, tudo errado, olha só q desgraça
Camila Bispo
Camila Bispo 22 天 前
Tudo errado, tudo errado, olha só q desgraça
Felipe Felipe
Felipe Felipe 22 天 前
Nunca vi necessário em comer animais assim.
Gamal 23 天 前
He destroyed the lobster, it is the worst way of cooking lobster.
Alden Baraquiel
Alden Baraquiel 23 天 前
Marc CAN
Marc CAN 24 天 前
Massacre au hachoir! Du grand n'importe quoi, tout ça pour le faire frire dans l'huile! C'est du homard à la mode McDo...
Yusof Malaysia
Yusof Malaysia 24 天 前
Thanks to ALLAH the Creator off all🤗❤️🌏📚
Fernando Arejano
Fernando Arejano 24 天 前
It doesn't feel pain?
Maria Nazare
Maria Nazare 25 天 前
VERGONHA humano.Pior espécie. Crueldade 😥
ปิยบุษย์ อักษรแสงแก้ว
ปิยบุษย์ อักษรแสงแก้ว 25 天 前
pankaj Kalaskar
pankaj Kalaskar 25 天 前
김경헌 25 天 前
꾸엨 잔인훼 그치만 맛나겠다
Samy Abdelfatah
Samy Abdelfatah 26 天 前
Greasy lobster enjoy
Samy Abdelfatah
Samy Abdelfatah 26 天 前
Chinese lon ha(lobster)
Samy Abdelfatah
Samy Abdelfatah 26 天 前
He did the right thing if you don't know just fry it
Linh Kaca
Linh Kaca 26 天 前
món ngon quá ad ,không biết tất cả là hết bao nhiêu tiền những món ăn đó vậy ad
Clauds Fake
Clauds Fake 26 天 前
ok 1, that butering, why just why. 2. if you were going to stew or stir fry the lobster why did you deepfry it? I get it needed cooking through why not boil or steam it? if you preped it properly its not like it would lose its juice or flavor, the unessisary grese wouldnt alter the flavor profile of the sauce, since you sauted and steemed it in the sauce at the end none of the cripsy fry bits remained on the lobster and it not like it would cook that much faster in a fryer compared to a steamer, frying just semeed so unessisary.
xxx tentacion
xxx tentacion 26 天 前
Господі Боже. Цариця небесная. Повиривай йому рученьки, ніженьки. Так як він тому ракові повиривав.
American Patriot
American Patriot 26 天 前
Eat it already. Why do you have to make it look sexy.
Alan Negrete
Alan Negrete 26 天 前
2:58 ¿para que es eso?
Patricia Baez
Patricia Baez 27 天 前
Pobre animal ?!!!!!! Q gente criminal!!!!!! Q ASCO. En la tierra o en el cielo van a PAGAR TODO ESTE SSLVAJISMO!!!!!!!
Empanada Posting
Empanada Posting 25 天 前
Nick Petropoulos
Nick Petropoulos 27 天 前
must be a nazi chef...
Renaye 27 天 前
WHAT!!!!??? Such a disgusting way to kill a lobster! The poor thing is being tortured!!!!! You're meant to put the tip of a knife straight through the head for instant death, you pathetic excuses for humans!!!!
123 Kid
123 Kid 27 天 前
Its like from the movie texas chainsaw massacre.torture it first,then chops it while its still alive and then cooks it.
John Prince
John Prince 27 天 前
Goodness gracious people. Shellfish don't feel pain. I agree it was sloppy. But the biggest tragedy is dudes knife. Dammit man. Sharpen the knife, or get a new one.
Kee Chong
Kee Chong 27 天 前
Oh my, for a lobster this fresh, all you need is a steam, broil at the most and dip in butter.
Kelly Camacho
Kelly Camacho 27 天 前
No comeré langosta, es cruel ver como las matan.
Василий Николаев
Василий Николаев 27 天 前
Он чё его первый раз разделывает
Hermy Baharuddin
Hermy Baharuddin 27 天 前
Damn.. With that amount of MSG he used.. 3 or 4 heaps of spoonful... I'll passed.. LOL a lot of hawker stalls and even restaurants here in Asia, they use a lot of MSG.. 😅😅😅
Майя Рейх
Майя Рейх 28 天 前
Разве гуманно так его убивать ???
Lord Knight
Lord Knight 28 天 前
No sabe como matar a una langosta. La mejor forma de matarla es metiendola en hielo.
A. C
A. C 28 天 前
Finished product looks like they got some dirt and used car oil from the mechanic nextdoor and bathed it.
張榮燦 28 天 前
Pobrecitos, los despellejan vivos
SH00T TH3PUMP 28 天 前
Dude is taking hella shortcuts...
Penjinak Alam
Penjinak Alam 28 天 前
Not a professional work.
anwar Ayash
anwar Ayash 28 天 前
You destroyed it. You should have cooked before and then disassembled
T 28 天 前
Is this guy a trainee? Such an amateurish preparation of an expensive lobster.
Syane Syane45
Syane Syane45 28 天 前
Seriously? Alive? Monster😱
MEAT KILLS !!! 28 天 前
My Dream
My Dream 28 天 前
Lobster from indonesian /
Dayana Solange
Dayana Solange 28 天 前
Estan vivos y le sacan sus estremidades
Eddie Birkett
Eddie Birkett 29 天 前
my first thoughts were great prep skills , and enjoyed the video . deep fry on a fresh lobster was a shock for me . But it might be great !
Tom Lees
Tom Lees 29 天 前
What's that green leaves? Anyone know.
Уаз Вазов
Уаз Вазов 29 天 前
105 -я однозначно
Taufik Prasetio
Taufik Prasetio 29 天 前
Mantap 👍
july_eight 29 天 前
The sauce looked burnt to me and the plate was way too small to fit in all of those lobster parts
Clifford Bodine
Clifford Bodine 29 天 前
Get a sharper cleaver! That's not breaking down a lobster, that's obliterating a lobster. Waste of good money.
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