New York City Street Food - ITALIAN PIZZA PIES Slice & Co NYC

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3 个月 前

Buena Honda!!
Buena Honda!! 3 分钟 前
necesito esa receta, me encanto la masa
Buena Honda!!
Buena Honda!! 3 分钟 前
quero la receta de lamsa masa ,
joel A
joel A 7 小时 前
Awesome video!
Resepi Jalanan
Resepi Jalanan 16 小时 前
ask permission to upload your video again
Carmen del rosario Sarango chamba
Carmen del rosario Sarango chamba 22 小时 前
Haces una pizza espectaculares Te felicito
قران كريم
قران كريم 23 小时 前
صلوا على نبينا محمد
نواف العنزي
نواف العنزي 天 前
A pizza without the smell of firewood is not called pizza
tatyana kubalakova
tatyana kubalakova 天 前
gay working hard rolling pizza , he is very good
78wassaby 2 天 前
Аппетитно 😍
Fawwaz Mubarok
Fawwaz Mubarok 2 天 前
Godin terus godin terus tuman
PuniSher GAMING 2 天 前
Can u tell me the shop name .???
Eurofighter Typhoon
Eurofighter Typhoon 3 天 前
Please this isn't italian pizza Ma che pizza italiana, non avete idea di come sia la pizza.
FreshPrince On IPad
FreshPrince On IPad 4 天 前
Ninja turtles probably watching this and probably starving
peppe santalucia
peppe santalucia 4 天 前
La pizza con ananas e un disonore in italia
ابن اليمن
ابن اليمن 4 天 前
عمل رائع الحمد لله
Paul Prenter
Paul Prenter 5 天 前
Oruç oruç bu ne beeee🤤🤤🤤
Priyanka Passi
Priyanka Passi 5 天 前
I want pizza 🍕🍕🍕
visa bsm
visa bsm 5 天 前
Nota 10 essa pizza
マンリーManLee 5 天 前
Revaldo Nurizki
Revaldo Nurizki 5 天 前
the cheese
Chris Cagliero
Chris Cagliero 5 天 前
I wonder what the dough hydration was for him to be able to tie knots like that. It must be pretty low. A lot different than a Neapolitan with a high hydration and very sticky. That's not a critique- just an observation. It looks awesome!.
Хищник 6 天 前
РЕКЛАМА ДОСТАЛА только видео нажал и пошло каждые 7 секунд
Nya 6 天 前
RedFox 7 天 前
Pizza...with ANANAS? I can't believe it 🙄 Italian pizza, the REAL italian pizza, is not this one... The real italian pizza is the best in the world. Yes, I' m Italian
cina geransayeh
cina geransayeh 8 天 前
mama mia !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eigengrau 8 天 前
Came here to refresh my mind of what pizza really is after watching koreans make them lol
Esperanza Varela
Esperanza Varela 8 天 前
Que cocina tan sucia!..🤔
Anna 9 天 前
its sad that literally nobody knows that pizza is from germany, and not from italia...
Mastrogacha life
Mastrogacha life 7 天 前
Only italians loke me know this
Ayhan ERDURAN 9 天 前
Matias Perez
Matias Perez 9 天 前
I love 🍕
An Gelica
An Gelica 10 天 前
Comida para marranos
박정연 11 天 前
I love pizza
박정연 11 天 前
And Jjam does, too
Samuele Pecoraro
Samuele Pecoraro 11 天 前
Forza napoli, abbasso NYC
A.P. 12 天 前
Dude put some f-cking gloves on.
Mr. Gil
Mr. Gil 12 天 前
The size of those pizza slices are ridiculous
sasuke soul
sasuke soul 13 天 前
Сергей Серый
Сергей Серый 13 天 前
Пицца без майонеза и кетчупа, просто тесто с сыром и колбасой)))
ali ali
ali ali 13 天 前
مممممممممممممم شو بحب البيتزا 🤤😋
Davide Speranza
Davide Speranza 14 天 前
Bella focaccia
Axl Milanista
Axl Milanista 14 天 前
why call it italian if it isnt?
스띠찌 14 天 前
How much is it
Matteo Putzolu
Matteo Putzolu 14 天 前
Hahahahahahha do you really think Is this pizza?
Netflix cine Joy
Netflix cine Joy 14 天 前
Very Good
DanyT77 15 天 前
Moses Manaka
Moses Manaka 16 天 前
Take you stupid woke mask off.
Ricky 1707
Ricky 1707 16 天 前
La cotoletta alla milanese sulla pizza...sto Morendo
Petros Binas
Petros Binas 16 天 前
Joey's special
jkd0580 17 天 前
Look at that focaccia he used two doughs for made it and despite he cooked two times it was still raw in the centre ...This happen when you do a job that you really don t know ...
Муж на кухне
Муж на кухне 17 天 前
У меня вышел новый ролик. Заходите смотрите.
Гульнара Баева
Гульнара Баева 17 天 前
🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🇮🇹🇷🇺🇮🇹🇷🇺🇮🇹🇷🇺bravo) Москва Россия смотрю)
sandy 17 天 前
I'm filled for another decade
Nikolay 17 天 前
На начинке экономят, колбасы и ветчины как украл
Joel Cortes
Joel Cortes 17 天 前
Eso no es italiano
shiva nagireddy
shiva nagireddy 17 天 前
Poor guy has to work with a mask on.
mr-mohammed 17 天 前
I’m so hungry 🤤
Faramarz Vt
Faramarz Vt 17 天 前
اینو تو ایران بزاری جلو مشتری لب نمیزنه اینجا پیتزا میزنی س بند انگشت مخلفات حرفه ای روشه طرف قر میزنه این چیه کمه .... حالا اینا ک دیگه هیچی خمیر خالیه
Im Sh
Im Sh 18 天 前
My favorite food 😍🥵 hmmmm
Marcelo Cbueno
Marcelo Cbueno 18 天 前
The best pizza of the world is pizza of São Paulo - Brazil.
Matheus Pop
Matheus Pop 18 天 前
Carai deu até fome kkk
Marge Beverly
Marge Beverly 18 天 前
Bender 18 天 前
Love pizza 🍕😋
Vagner Santos
Vagner Santos 19 天 前
Camilla Nora
Camilla Nora 19 天 前
Make me veggie delight pizza.
Clelio Silva Silva
Clelio Silva Silva 19 天 前
Passa essa receita da massa dessa pizza obrigado
Tinah Waa
Tinah Waa 19 天 前
for the love of pizza 🍕 🍕
Ale Galindo
Ale Galindo 19 天 前
Very hard working, i can't imagine breath with all that heat and the mask. Respect
Tariq Sailan
Tariq Sailan 20 天 前
Tariq Sailan
Tariq Sailan 20 天 前
Gust omg
Tariq Sailan
Tariq Sailan 20 天 前
Irene Gutierrez
Irene Gutierrez 20 天 前
Wow este video me ha abierto el apetito de comer pizza now jajaja
꧁ แมว ดํา ꧂
꧁ แมว ดํา ꧂ 20 天 前
น่าทาน ชอบพิซซ่า อยากได้สักถาด😋😋
Alejandra Peña
Alejandra Peña 20 天 前
Que 😋delicia. Dirección en Nueva York, por favor? Gracias
TheKlokan44 21 天 前
I have been making lots of pizza during the c-v period.....this guy has got the skills putting it all together. Thanks for the have helped up my game.
Paulo Côrte-Real
Paulo Côrte-Real 21 天 前
Deve ser um Zuca a fazer as pizzas.
Iwin Biju VI C
Iwin Biju VI C 21 天 前
The cook have to wear gloves while making the food😬😬😠😠
hervin vaquero
hervin vaquero 21 天 前
En mi opinión muy pocos ingredientes ... poca salsa poco queso...tienpos atras el queso se estiraba cuando comias pizza la salsa escurría ahora todas secas
Peter Agostini jdcap26 tips an repairs and hobbies
Peter Agostini jdcap26 tips an repairs and hobbies 22 天 前
This guy gets the 2 🤜 🤜 dough stretching award 🥇
infidel G
infidel G 22 天 前
yeah baby !
New Jersey USA
New Jersey USA 22 天 前
Из руки сними это гавно 🤦‍♂️
Zaryxle 22 天 前
I gotta be honest with you handmade pizza is better than machine pizza
Vincenzo Morabito
Vincenzo Morabito 23 天 前
A pizz e napulitan no italiana!
Mastrogacha life
Mastrogacha life 7 天 前
E considerata italiana perche ora Napoli e in Italia
Widad Dona
Widad Dona 23 天 前
Yammmy. I want to eat this pizza. 😋😋
Sandra bonetti
Sandra bonetti 23 天 前
Dopo aver visto ciò forse è il caso di cominciare a piangere in diverse lingue a partire dal cinese. 😂🇮🇹
Nicolás Gutierrez
Nicolás Gutierrez 23 天 前
Son argentinos o me parece?
Lutador Racional
Lutador Racional 23 天 前
Show !
Eduardo Couto
Eduardo Couto 23 天 前
Queijo tava em falta aí dog?
tsipora1959 24 天 前
О, пампушки до борщу !
FIL JACK 0805 24 天 前
As a italian this pizza is not to bad
LongRun Studio
LongRun Studio 24 天 前
i need this
Rock Chick
Rock Chick 25 天 前
They look like profitoroles. What are they?
Алексей М.
Алексей М. 25 天 前
Marina Dianova
Marina Dianova 25 天 前
Thank you for video. You are a great Master in cooking pizza
John Bertone
John Bertone 25 天 前
A not so tidy work station, a beat up oven, flour all over the joint, thats when you know its gonna be a good slice.
kurdt81 25 天 前
This absolutely isn't italian pizza... Please change the title
Rodriguez L
Rodriguez L 25 天 前
Cuantos gramos y qué diámetro tiene esa masa ?
Antonino Celano
Antonino Celano 25 天 前
Pizza italiana??????? Chiamatela solo pizza!
Mehtab Ranu
Mehtab Ranu 26 天 前
None of them after seeing too much fingers on everything 🤮🤮🤮
Michele Lisi
Michele Lisi 26 天 前
Lasciate stare la pizza italiana
Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf 26 天 前
Pineapple on pizza..... Oh my gosh
Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf 26 天 前
Untasty fake ingredients.
A man's amazing homemade burger
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