New York City Food - LOBSTER ROLLS AND NACHOS Ed's Lobster Bar Seafood NYC

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4 个月 前

Robert Nahal
Robert Nahal 3 天 前
Thanks for showing the kill
Sajeev Kumar
Sajeev Kumar 10 天 前
V R 15 天 前
Sad... you are putting a live animal in boiling water. Shame on you.
John Matthew
John Matthew 18 天 前
The really amazing part is how they got a NYC cook to shut the hell up for 15 mins
coraamoca espaillat
coraamoca espaillat 21 天 前
Como es que si ya picaron con un cuchillo las tenasas de la langosta luego aparese una sin cortar no entiendo
Fishu 个月 前
That's really amazing
November Lowry
November Lowry 个月 前
I'd prefer the bun NOT be burnt!
Денис Белов
Денис Белов 个月 前
Так уродовать большого рака ,нуууу тупые ,, привет из Киева, путен ху@ло
Денис Белов
Денис Белов 个月 前
Повар то с бадуна, ручки трусятся)))))
Gonzalo B.
Gonzalo B. 个月 前
0:50 italian lobster
Spider Rico
Spider Rico 个月 前
No gloves, No Thanks. Hardly any lobster in that roll- just topped off.
Captain Planet
Captain Planet 个月 前
Let’s be honest, what they show you here isn’t exactly the same amount they serve you. It’s way less lobster 😬
سروش ابوخلیلیان
سروش ابوخلیلیان 个月 前
lr 21
lr 21 2 个月 前
Yeaaa nom noms
Arshad and Maryam gaming
Arshad and Maryam gaming 2 个月 前
Very very bad ....u guys directly put live lobster in boiling water....😞😞
Kilmer Maralang
Kilmer Maralang 2 个月 前
Where is the mask and gloves? In the toilet?
Kung Trvo
Kung Trvo 2 个月 前
Juan Carlos L
Juan Carlos L 2 个月 前
Why to use a spoon when you can continue doing everything with your bare hands?!
Alberto Portugal
Alberto Portugal 2 个月 前
I could make that myself for this 30$ nothing
g charle
g charle 2 个月 前
it's a nice knife,where can i buy it?
g charle
g charle 2 个月 前
那个龙虾肉倒是往里面塞一下啊😂虚虚的 看了这个视频,大感弘扬我大中华美食之必要 美国人民食物好匮乏😂😂😂
Mulia Ananda
Mulia Ananda 2 个月 前
No hygiene for exspensive food
Jennifer Dixon
Jennifer Dixon 2 个月 前
No masks wtf!!!
Audrey Jane
Audrey Jane 2 个月 前
Lobster 🤔🤔 I thing same taste with crab , because expensive in here I never eat lobster 😉 but crab I can eat everyday because nt expensive in here my village near beach 🇮🇩🇮🇩 looking yummy chef good job
Randy Parr
Randy Parr 2 个月 前
And it takes me an hour to get all my lobster meat out. Practice really does make perfect. That man is a lobster 🦞 expert, I would buy those lobster rolls
TheTrace008 2 个月 前
0:50 .... he’s trying to flip you off for putting him in there alive. 🤷🏻‍♂️😆
annie glez
annie glez 2 个月 前
Wow que delicia!!!
Eduardo Oliveira
Eduardo Oliveira 2 个月 前
I dont eat fish
Cozinhando Com a Keide
Cozinhando Com a Keide 2 个月 前
Салом, ман аз Бразилия ҳастам ва номи ман Кейде аст, хеле мехоҳам, ки шумо ба канали пухтупази ман ворид шавед ва дар он ҷо обуна шавед ва ба ман дар паҳн кардани дастурхони ман барои кишвари худ кумак кунед! ташаккур!
РАКРИК 2 个月 前
Так испортить лобстера еще уметь нужно
Ultimos Vectores
Ultimos Vectores 2 个月 前
demasiado manoseo de la comida, poco higiénico, no recomendable
Shiv Rastogi
Shiv Rastogi 2 个月 前
🤮🤧😡🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮 Be vegetarian, don't eat animals as they also have life .
Sachin Baiju
Sachin Baiju 个月 前
What about eggs ?
Mya Thompson
Mya Thompson 2 个月 前
Lukey AniboyzUwU
Lukey AniboyzUwU 2 个月 前
When you realise this lobster is actually not a lobster but a gigantic crayfish.. hum.... funny
Max Yue
Max Yue 2 个月 前
Amaury Chavrier
Amaury Chavrier 2 个月 前
The bill please.
Dennis Eramis Valledor
Dennis Eramis Valledor 2 个月 前
The 2nd presentation is a down
Jeff 2 个月 前
How to stretch a 1 lb lobster into 4 meals. Jesus would be proud.
Earl Kyat
Earl Kyat 2 个月 前
I love look ready. I'm bringing a 12-pack of heineken beer on my out
kris c
kris c 3 个月 前
he handled the lobster much better than that 400 lobster fruit salad chinese..... i am a chinese, but i really can't stand that chinese...
Dude 3 个月 前
6:27 yes let's put the meat on top of the hotdog bun instead of in it, to give the illusion there is alot there.
Keon Hobgood
Keon Hobgood 2 个月 前
And charge $34 for it
george costa
george costa 3 个月 前
My favourite lobster roll, in NYC😋
พัช จันทราทิพย์
พัช จันทราทิพย์ 3 个月 前
they cook them alive. so depress. l hope them go to hell soon
Gino Vasquez
Gino Vasquez 3 个月 前
Really New York? Nachos and a sandwich?! Should’ve just done a pizza or a hotdog...
Claudio Silva
Claudio Silva 3 个月 前
Cómo arruinar una langosta en dos simples pasos
Daeseong Ju
Daeseong Ju 3 个月 前
It looks great 👍
Valdir Ferreira da silva
Valdir Ferreira da silva 3 个月 前
Jo 3 个月 前
On top of the bun to make it look more full 😒
Eddiecurrent2000 3 个月 前
Wait! Am I on the right channel? No questionable hygiene? Clean finger nails, and someone not chopping a live animal up...?
Кардио 3 个月 前
В край уже обнаглели, лобстера с фри подавать 😖😖😖😖 как свиньям все в блендер закинь да и все, им какая разница что жрать🤬🤬🤬🤬
Behind BluEyez
Behind BluEyez 3 个月 前
Omg 🤤
1 jay
1 jay 3 个月 前
Взять ска испортить лобстера чипсами и картошкой фри 🤢
Sandy Andana
Sandy Andana 3 个月 前
Boil alive sounds nice for the lobster, wake up people!
Street Food Sellers
Street Food Sellers 3 个月 前
Big fan of yours , love from Pakistan😍
ATB 15
ATB 15 3 个月 前
Maximus CryptosX
Maximus CryptosX 3 个月 前
Not enough lobster meat with the nachos ...
Lilly Lilly
Lilly Lilly 3 个月 前
Look nice, yummy
Сергей Марченко
Сергей Марченко 3 个月 前
Зажали всего лобстера... Вот почему дома лучше. Ложишь от души белого мяса.а не раструшиваешь для виду
Food&Drink 920
Food&Drink 920 3 个月 前
I am hungry now
Dave S
Dave S 3 个月 前
its nice to see foods from new york city. a lot of people in the food industries are struggling so its good to see these places being featured. hopefully, it makes people hungry enough to go outside and visit these food places..
Manikandan N
Manikandan N 3 个月 前
Yummy Lobster roll. Like to taste. Looking for sponsors for newyork to taste this lobster😋😋
Susie Hall
Susie Hall 3 个月 前
This was an amazing video ! Where is this place ? The addressee ?
Happily Ham
Happily Ham 3 个月 前
Just want to say that the fact that this guy is wearing watches and bracelets while preparing food is not sanitary. You should not wear rings or wrist jewelry while preparing food in a commercial capacity.
Frank Flame
Frank Flame 3 个月 前
Midwestern Abyss
Midwestern Abyss 3 个月 前
Was gonna say the same thing.
라끼날 Rakkinal
라끼날 Rakkinal 3 个月 前
8:41 Wow look so good!!
Cookingsy 3 个月 前
Wow, it looks so tasty!
kenh tong hop
kenh tong hop 3 个月 前
rất ngon
Syaputra Jaya
Syaputra Jaya 3 个月 前
very delicious food definitely good🤤🤤
푸드차차 Food ChaCha
푸드차차 Food ChaCha 3 个月 前
Lobster, you look great.😍😍👍👍
Tara S
Tara S 3 个月 前
So, so, SO......... jealous 🤤😋🙂👍
قناة كل حاجه 2021
قناة كل حاجه 2021 3 个月 前
تحياتي للجميع اختكم ورده من لبنان 🇱🇧
Dead Dude
Dead Dude 3 个月 前
Meanwhile I'm sitting here eating a poptart...fml.
Andrey Ponomarev
Andrey Ponomarev 3 个月 前
Каждый раз после просмотра бегу к холодосу
mulyadi channel
mulyadi channel 3 个月 前
Sukses terus bos Mampir
Hoàng Dũng
Hoàng Dũng 3 个月 前
con tôm này ốp rồi
Candra Harywiguna
Candra Harywiguna 3 个月 前
Is he wearing watch on both hand?
JustSayin 3 个月 前
Sorry but what was so special? Seriously 🤦‍♂️ Did they use Dukes Mayo?
منوعات وحكايات
منوعات وحكايات 3 个月 前
كل سنة وانت طيب وبخير وصحه وسعاده ويكون عام سعاده الرضا وراحه البال وصلاح الحال اللهم امين يارب العالمين Every year and you are good and with a thousand good and lasting happiness. You will be a year of goodness and prosperity and the love of everyone Take the last video of your forum and be forced with risk and joy in your heart The new world every year and you are a thousand good
ItsMinaway 3 个月 前
Why do I insist on watching these videos when I’m hungry 🤦🏾‍♀️🥺
Granth Sahu
Granth Sahu 3 个月 前
Madeeha Amjad
Madeeha Amjad 3 个月 前
labanya Maharana
labanya Maharana 3 个月 前
Ghk K&K
Ghk K&K 3 个月 前
King Lobsters ................RUINED. Lobster served with french fries and nachos!!! This is not the proper way to serve the king flavor of all the sea food.
Keyvan Khalafi
Keyvan Khalafi 3 个月 前
داداش تو ایرانی هستی؟
牧也 3 个月 前
Aniza Ahmad Tamin
Aniza Ahmad Tamin 3 个月 前
It's kinda sad that they just boil it and not kill it first, it will just suffer just make a fast death would be ok 😳
Greenhawk 3 个月 前
Its the fastest way
Greenhawk 3 个月 前
Thats how they kill it
We Learn Languages
We Learn Languages 3 个月 前
I love seafood. It looks yummy.
Lang Thang Bình Dương
Lang Thang Bình Dương 3 个月 前
Pov Meas
Pov Meas 3 个月 前
푸디와우FoodieWow 3 个月 前
Wow~!! A~mazing!!👍👍👍👍👍
Traveling For World
Traveling For World 3 个月 前
looks amazing ❤️❤️❤️
YUMMY FC 3 个月 前
So big lobster
Handzofspeedz7th 3 个月 前
That's a hot dog roll!😱
Катя Бобровская
Катя Бобровская 3 个月 前
Feras KN
Feras KN 3 个月 前
Why you guys don’t kill it before putting in the water 💔
Slow Motion
Slow Motion 3 个月 前
I bet he take $50,00 for each ! Thats the shit in NY because they have to pay to much rent and tax to run a restaurant and they let the customers pay for! The Lobster was alive but very young and in pretty weak condition, which cost him max. 8-10$ each! I would buy a portable bike restaurant for selling this dish to the people who can´t spend that much for a healthy omega3 acid dish and im sure that will work very well in Manhattan down town!^^
Thế giới Quanh ta
Thế giới Quanh ta 3 个月 前
Good video
Julian Cobain
Julian Cobain 3 个月 前
bruce willis
Vilandewa channel
Vilandewa channel 3 个月 前
Mantap kak moga makin sukses dan berkembang channelnya kak🇲🇨 Mari saling bantu dan suport agar channel kita sama-sama sukses dan berkembang 👍🖌️🔊🙏
Jav Elin
Jav Elin 3 个月 前
Wey... Seguía vivo y encima era bonito. 😭
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