New York City Food - $400 GIANT LOBSTER Seafood Salad Park Asia NYC

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3 个月 前

jim wu
jim wu 天 前
CT1x Cooking show
CT1x Cooking show 2 天 前
You still have time to delete this.
Babubo Buubo
Babubo Buubo 3 天 前
What is this? kitchen nigtmare? Chef ramsay kill this man
Hank Pikuni
Hank Pikuni 3 天 前
I would pay $400 for that
Hank Pikuni
Hank Pikuni 3 天 前
Looks like he's bleeding under the gloves
ShabranigudU 5 天 前
Como vas a poner mayonesa a la fruta!!!!!
sharn kaur
sharn kaur 8 天 前
what is this yrr thus really sad ..why people like to eat them..they cant kill anyone for eating..there are numerous things food items to eat
Walter Lecis
Walter Lecis 11 天 前
come rovinare un astice
Alex J
Alex J 13 天 前
Nice arrangement,..but wasteful! I'm guessing not a big concern for this restaurant... Whoever taught this guy how to cut melons should be fired immediately. Throwing away a good 25% of the melons flesh like Probably costing this restaurant 30k in lost profits annually. Just saying... I bet a homeless person with an empty belly would cringe at this video. Sad. Pitching good food in the trash like that. Should be ashamed.
Joaquin Vargas
Joaquin Vargas 13 天 前
400 You creise in Denver 2 x 25 dollars in restaurant chainis
Ruben Ming
Ruben Ming 17 天 前
1:43 now the water temperature it's ok
Randeep Kour
Randeep Kour 17 天 前
shame on u for doing this rubbish job
J F 18 天 前
He only uses the perfect bits of the food. Throws to the garbage a lot of good food. Shameful...
How do you like your prime ribs of beef ? medium rare
Diego Maradona
Diego Maradona 21 天 前
Espero que los 400 dolares sean precio para influenzer molestos que quieren grabar todo el proceso... ese plato ni de broma vale eso.
maddie 21 天 前
Perfectly good waste of premium high end lobster....
Anoop A.S
Anoop A.S 24 天 前
In parallel world this lobster eat the person who ate him on earth
Dan Ribeiro
Dan Ribeiro 25 天 前
Wtf are u doing with that fruit? Wft. Sad.
jayaseelan joseph
jayaseelan joseph 26 天 前
It's real unfair
I am feeling sad he get into his own death
その日暮らしのビッグマウス 26 天 前
気まぐれクックが 捌いたのと同じか、背腸でけぇ お腹空いてきた美味そう
Imron Imon
Imron Imon 26 天 前
Melon masih banyak main buang aj.. koki males lo..
Gladys Ch
Gladys Ch 27 天 前
Enjoy fresh food ,delicious.. thank.
Adiler canlı canlı haşladı
cijkg cijkggg
cijkg cijkggg 28 天 前
ND테크 29 天 前
Gaming*Star 29 天 前
When people sympathize for a bottom feeder, Yet they walk by homeless people everyday. Enjoy the show
Fabri 87
Fabri 87 个月 前
1:23 è proprio vero che l'uomo è un animale..
El barrigas De guadalajara
El barrigas De guadalajara 个月 前
Te gustaría morir hervido vivo?
Rennegadde Foxxe
Rennegadde Foxxe 个月 前
Absolute abuse of that lobster from start to finish; and almost everything else he touched.
Rennegadde Foxxe
Rennegadde Foxxe 个月 前
And then they just piped more mayo on top like it was freaking Cheez-Whiz? WHO ARE THESE MONSTERS?!
بائع العرب
بائع العرب 个月 前
Don't eat the decorations and don't fight each others
بائع العرب
بائع العرب 个月 前
He was boiled in hot water while he was alive. It is torture in the Asian way
Jeferson dias Dias pereira
Jeferson dias Dias pereira 个月 前
Faltou mais aproveitamento da lagosta ...só tem boa apresentação
温昊春 个月 前
Aerphio Nowar
Aerphio Nowar 个月 前
Aerphio Nowar
Aerphio Nowar 个月 前
*$50000 !!!!!*
Aerphio Nowar
Aerphio Nowar 个月 前
Dana 个月 前
I'll take it minus the nasty mayo
Dana 个月 前
Александр Шориков
Александр Шориков 个月 前
все соки в трубу, это же самые соус, повар хренов.
Kenneth Cline
Kenneth Cline 个月 前
I have no idea why people eat these giant water roaches.
ST4 Life
ST4 Life 个月 前
So a year into the pandemic when so many people are out of work, why show people this? When most people can't even pay their rent or get much food from the store! I'm just gonna say what an asshole thing to show people in hard times! Recommend only what some rich prick can afford to eat for dinner. Fuck you!!!
Rocky i sus gamplayas I diversión
Rocky i sus gamplayas I diversión 个月 前
lorenzixwoof 个月 前
Come rovinare un astice...
つるのこらぶ 个月 前
Divakar Sajja
Divakar Sajja 个月 前
if I was there, I may not order one. I found nothing special except a boiled flesh of a lobster and over decorated lobster shell with some fruits and roses ... LoL
The mad dog 00
The mad dog 00 个月 前
Сырой вы чё прикалываетесь? За 400$ в России можно купить 28 кг раков, ваш лобстер и рядом не стоял 😂
vikram bolagani
vikram bolagani 个月 前
If u want to cook just kill them and cook don’t do like this
WOAfreak2002 个月 前
Was mich an diesem Gericht mehr als stören würde, wäre der Gebrauch von so viel Mayo, vor allem einer noch nicht mal selbstgemachten! Das tut mir für den Hummer mehr Leid, als dass er selbstständig in seinen Hitzetod gegangen ist! Also ich finde 400 Dollar ist dafür zu viel. Und diese Verschwendung von Lebensmitteln ist in diesem Video extrem, wie ich finde, habe das noch in keinem anderen so wahrgenommen, wie hier mit den Melonen... Aber es muss ja schließlich jeder selber wissen, was und wie er etwas mag und isst und wieviel er dafür ausgeben möchte.
C.S. Bailey
C.S. Bailey 个月 前
Click on a video about an expensive seafood salad... 7 minutes and the third piece of fruit later, I put video on Watch Later list and start looking up Eddie Murphy hamburger.
Bhushan S
Bhushan S 个月 前
i want to boil chef like this 😡😡😡
Fishu 个月 前
Giant crap😎😎
Дужая 个月 前
Курицу делал, чуть не блеванула. Мясо спер, а кожу, с головой, нафаршировал рис+ветчина и т. д. Зажарил в большом к-ве масла. Жуть, что они жрут
5 Robot Lions
5 Robot Lions 个月 前
I wouldn't pay $400 for that lobster even before you fucked it up with all that mayo.
Gabrielle Ferreira Silva
Gabrielle Ferreira Silva 个月 前
Que dó, a lagosta ainda tava viva😪😪😪
Dora Andreotti
Dora Andreotti 个月 前
No podrían matarlo, antes q cocinarlo vivo...Pobre Animalitos!?
Deniz Urban
Deniz Urban 个月 前
So many other ways to enjoy lobster without drowning it in mayonnaise.
Turan Karabulut
Turan Karabulut 个月 前
Flower GemsGirl
Flower GemsGirl 个月 前
The lobster looked huge but once cooked it hardly had that much meat in it! The claw meat was just a small chunk rattling around in a huge claw shell. Not worth $400, or even $80.
Steelhead 个月 前
WHAT A WASTE OF $400. Fruit salad with boiled lobster on top. PFFFFFFF.
noname 个月 前
lobster mayo
Bernie Rodriguez
Bernie Rodriguez 个月 前
What a terrible way to waste a lobster
Ma Solitude
Ma Solitude 个月 前
Wer keine Meeresfrüchte mag, kann sie auch einfach weglassen. مبدعه ماشاء الله عليك مرحبا تنورينا..😄😄😄
Sachin Baiju
Sachin Baiju 个月 前
There's still meat on the lobster 🙄
Capt.Akashkumar Salve
Capt.Akashkumar Salve 个月 前
At least kill him ....before giving boil death...sadddd😔
Why are you running?
Why are you running? 个月 前
That's not nice
Why are you running?
Why are you running? 个月 前
Chef:Today this lobster will become famous! Lobster: how though. Chef: On a dinner plate. Lobster:WHAT THE F***.
Zitro Gaming
Zitro Gaming 个月 前
Your eyes: OMG, I feel sad for him Your mouth: Mmmmm, feed me. I want this Your brain: I want to eat them, but it expensive.
Jiangzell 个月 前
What a scam, 400 dollars for this?
U.S. Paratroops
U.S. Paratroops 个月 前
I like lobster, lightly fried and w/ a dip of butter and lightly salted...Oh, a nice ribeye !!
Richard van Tricht
Richard van Tricht 个月 前
Whats that pink fruit? And taste like?
Regina Gibson
Regina Gibson 个月 前
Not worth $400. All that fru fru it’s FOOD eat it and STOP playing with it.
ARMALITE 77 个月 前
Quello è un astice!! Le aragoste nn hanno le chele😂😂!!
Нина Резник
Нина Резник 个月 前
Що то за овочі ? Чі фрукти ?
Ji Hong
Ji Hong 个月 前
Khagenkanta Rai
Khagenkanta Rai 个月 前
Fruits don't go with lobster
Norbert Schuster
Norbert Schuster 个月 前
Völlig überflüssig...die Majonäse noch draufzuspritzen....ansonsten top...👍
Ali Prince8801
Ali Prince8801 个月 前
Loren Faith Pabico
Loren Faith Pabico 个月 前
The only thing i love is the dragon fruit
Thanhtra Pham
Thanhtra Pham 个月 前
An phi hoa
Silver Back
Silver Back 个月 前
What a waste of lobster
David García
David García 个月 前
Sirva me 2😂😂😂😂😂😂
walee lau
walee lau 个月 前
一隻咁靚嘅龍蝦畀佢劏成咁 煮成咁 我係客人一定要叫佢賠錢
غدير توفيق
غدير توفيق 个月 前
حرام تحطوه وهو على قيد الحياة في المياه الساخنة جدا
Sevda Mammadova
Sevda Mammadova 个月 前
Человек самы естокии насете 😟😥
Ilman Hikmah
Ilman Hikmah 个月 前
Kasian direbus pas lg idup
Mohsinkhan R
Mohsinkhan R 个月 前
400 usd for this little guy😆
Diana Rivera
Diana Rivera 个月 前
Soy Mexicana, y me ofende como corto el meloooon!!!!!🙃🙃 Quien le dijo que se corta asiiiii😭😭😭
Ivon Wilson
Ivon Wilson 个月 前
Mayonaise and fruit..........what a waste
Дмитрий 个月 前
Пойду пельмецов поем :)
Виталий Соколов
Виталий Соколов 个月 前
煉金士愛玩 2 个月 前
$400 = $100 for chef + $100 lobster + $100 fruits + $100 flowers
煉金士愛玩 2 个月 前
So wasted the melons, just dropped the huge cores.
Xatire Erestun
Xatire Erestun 2 个月 前
Qansız ograsdar ,canlı necə qaynar suya atdye
jose betico
jose betico 2 个月 前
Al animal podrían darle una muerte menos cruel. Es repugnante.
Francisco Martínez
Francisco Martínez 2 个月 前
Lava la langonsta una vez cocida y desperdicia todos los jugos!!! OMG!!!
La Paddanrenk Andi Mappangara
La Paddanrenk Andi Mappangara 2 个月 前
Nyamenna👅maelokka😅😅😅siagana doi pesanan wee...
kalgstol 2 个月 前
$400! Boy were you taken on this one🤦‍♂️
ajbug77 2 个月 前
Who eats MAYO like that?!! Do people truly get down like that? They LOST me as soon as they added Helmans, but I fast forward to the end only to see they added more. The poor lobster lost its life to be foreshadowed by mayonnaise. Absolutely despicable.
feng lu
feng lu 2 个月 前
Clearly, it is over price. Many ingredients can not eaten in the plate.
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