New York City Food - The BEST BAGELS in NYC! Russ & Daughters

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imapandaperson 小时 前
Holding the bagel dough against the front of her shirt smh
cbmira01yt 天 前
Did anyone notice that the "Sir Lancelot Flour" is being processed by an "Excalibur" mixer?
Siti Fatimah
Siti Fatimah 天 前
Bismillah. Beautiful video..and what a delicious that bagels..🙏
OnMyFarm 天 前
__ Bracelet is dangling in food. Dangling everywhere. (Betcha that bracelet on that wrist when it was finishing up on the commode . . yuk).
Nanette Bravi
Nanette Bravi 2 天 前
Evan M. Jacobson
Evan M. Jacobson 3 天 前
This is the REAL DEAL! The High Gluten flour and the malt. Beat A Bagel!
ابن القائد
ابن القائد 3 天 前
Al Busha
Al Busha 4 天 前
Best bagel I've eaten in NYC was in Bayside, Queens although I have not tried every bagel shop in NYC. Unfortunately, don't know the name of the store as we were guests at a friends' house and they brought fresh bagels from a nearby bagel shop. THE BEST! These look ok. I will go and try them but from its looks don't think they're "The BEST BAGELS" in NYC with all due respect. I think key to BEST BAGELS is the quality of flour.
Alex Bozzi
Alex Bozzi 4 天 前
How is that constant high-pitched whine not an OSHA violation? It is certainly a patience violation. ☺
hOLy cow!
hOLy cow! 4 天 前
I think jewelry should not be allowed when working with food... They're like wearing coveralls,gloves and mask and then that stupid bracelet would touch your food?! I dunno anymore whose stupid..the bracelet or the woman 🙄😬
Kim Nguyen From United States
Kim Nguyen From United States 4 天 前
Stylewize TV
Stylewize TV 4 天 前
I'm reading some of the comments and I'm thinking to myself, it is obvious how many people do not or have never worked in the food service industry. Arm Chair Quarterbacks! YES I DO, I have been a CEC for 32 years and am Currently the Exec Chef at a Dinner Theater in California. Carrying the dough PRIOR TO BEING COOKED IS FINE!! The ONLY thing i saw wrong was the jewelry. Either remove it or cover it up with the glove.
SALAM1 5 天 前
Holy shit. I’ve never had a proper NY bagel yet I have tried to make them at home. This video made me realise how much gream cheese is applied on the bagel. I quess 200g yar is enough for 2 bagels.
YouTube Psychiatrist
YouTube Psychiatrist 5 天 前
that salmon was raw?
Swampthang 6 天 前
If I had to pick a place where COVID started, it would be this nasty place.
Fatima Ouchan
Fatima Ouchan 8 天 前
Moses Manaka
Moses Manaka 8 天 前
Excellent video. Am l correct in observing that no water is used in the dough mix?
Attila Mártonfi
Attila Mártonfi 9 天 前
Canby Norman
Canby Norman 9 天 前
That high pitched whistle though.
Doll Celestino
Doll Celestino 10 天 前
Whoever is cutting that lox should remove her jewelries particularly her bracelets it’s touching the fish.
Елена Свалива
Елена Свалива 11 天 前
Salmon here is just for the smell I guess.🤭
Jerry Farber
Jerry Farber 11 天 前
Can the bagels be purchased at the factory?
Аркадий Мурптов
Аркадий Мурптов 12 天 前
Только это не Бублики ! Это Бейглы ☝
Crispr Talk
Crispr Talk 13 天 前
Hi Gluten flour! Love it.
Lynn Stash
Lynn Stash 13 天 前
OMG looks so so good I have to move near this place.. Yum~~~
T G 13 天 前
There is nothing like brunch from Russ and Daughters. I have brunch once a month with a group of friends post tennis on Sunday mornings, and we always pick up from Russ and Daughters. If I had to choose only one meal for the rest of my life it would be lox and bagels.
Lanell H
Lanell H 13 天 前
Yummy bagels!! But they ruined them with all that crap on it.
MS W 14 天 前
And the whistling noise in the background is almost painful. When she rubs that dough all over the front of her uniform, is that before or after a smoke break? Asking for a friend
Дмитрий 14 天 前
Очень аппетитно! Интересно сколько они стоят?
33DRAGON02 14 天 前
Throw some bacon on it and call it good 😂
Princess Peach
Princess Peach 14 天 前
Never understood the reason for the bagel? English muffin or nice sourdough? Also why the hole in the middle? So annoying when trying to out fillings on.
silwan 14 天 前
belt is dirty. Dough touches her chest
Alexandra Schmitz
Alexandra Schmitz 14 天 前
E as pulseiras passando em cima do salmão...cheias de contaminação. Que falta de higiene 😬😷
D C 14 天 前
De boning salmon is the job you give to someone you don’t like.
Javier S.
Javier S. 15 天 前
That bracelet must be loaded with bacteria. DISGUSTING. It makes you wonder what kind of basic training do they get. I know where NOT to eat in NYC. Thanks.
Gods Child
Gods Child 15 天 前
I was all in till I saw the womans bracelets dragging over the piece of fish 🤮 then all I could think of is the build up of bacteria
Jacquelynn 9 天 前
Same here. I actually wanted to cry because I was like now I’ll never go there. Like, who does that? I’m a home cook. I cover my hair with a scarf and my nails are short and clean. I wear zero jewelry when cooking and I wash my hands frequently.
Manizhe Razi
Manizhe Razi 15 天 前
عالیییییییییییییییییی❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👌👌👌👌👌👌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏ای کاش موادشو زیر نویس داشتین🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
bruce wayne
bruce wayne 15 天 前
somebody lubricate that oven
Christina Piecara
Christina Piecara 16 天 前
Anyone else want a fresh warm bagel now?
Dena Redford
Dena Redford 16 天 前
Some real bad ringing on this video . I had to turn off sound .
YONG CHAE 16 天 前
Does anyone know what the yellow powder is after the white flour?
Janis Macvicar
Janis Macvicar 15 天 前
looks like semolina
YONG CHAE 16 天 前
I can't believe NYC Health Department let them use wooden cutting board, and proofing boards. FDA is not allowing it anymore even woods are better choice for moisture control and etc..
@T G Unfortunately, here in MD, and VA. FDA, and the Health Department don't let people use wooden boards, and wooden cutting boards anymore for sanitizing issue. People has been using them traditionally for moisture regulating purpose etc.., but you don't even want to start arguing with them. Oh, many people mentioned also.. The lox looks sooooo good, but they are not supposed to wear any dangling things on them while working.
T G 13 天 前
They are bagels, not meat. Not fish.
Moe Moe
Moe Moe 16 天 前
Sorry, guys. You just cannot top Montreal's bagels. Not by a long shot.
Татьяна Межевич
Татьяна Межевич 17 天 前
Melanie E
Melanie E 17 天 前
Best bagels I have ever eaten are "Thomas' bagels
Гульнара Баева
Гульнара Баева 17 天 前
🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍какой тяжёлый труд)
Faina Spivak
Faina Spivak 17 天 前
Thank you so much for the video! I make bagels at home with same ingredients
Stacey Maxwell
Stacey Maxwell 17 天 前
Mmmmmmmmm, I love bagels, cream cheese and smoke salmon
Tanya 17 天 前
Gotta call the food safety control
Laura Hollister
Laura Hollister 17 天 前
I have never seen this done! She doe a beautiful job! 😊
Laura Hollister
Laura Hollister 17 天 前
I did not see how they were made into pumpernickel?
Laura Hollister
Laura Hollister 17 天 前
Can I recommend you bring the stretching machine Down to your employee level! Her shoulders must be on fire 🔥!
Laura Hollister
Laura Hollister 18 天 前
I see craftsmen-ship! And a skill that I hope is never lost! ❤️
P K 18 天 前
Not a fan of flopping a huge piece of dough on your chest to carry across go the table.
Aldo D
Aldo D 18 天 前
My mouth is watering
Елена Бондаренко
Елена Бондаренко 18 天 前
Вкусно даже смотреть!
Jamal Loudyi
Jamal Loudyi 18 天 前
Please i need the receipts how to make bagel 🥯 I'm a Baker too
Faina Spivak
Faina Spivak 17 天 前
Go to CNpost and you’ll find a lot of recipes
Moe's Yummy Food
Moe's Yummy Food 18 天 前
Every time I see someone carry dough or toss Pizza dough & catch it with their forearm, I think about how much skin cells, oil, sweat & hair we eat. Also, lint from clothes. 😩
Gary Cahn
Gary Cahn 6 天 前
Can't live in a 100% sterile world. Strengthen your immune system and stand up to the real world.
Gods Child
Gods Child 15 天 前
@Moe's Yummy Food or a youtube bot
Gods Child
Gods Child 15 天 前
Omgosh .. yr so right . What ever happen to the board of health and hair nets ?
xGucci Gangx
xGucci Gangx 17 天 前
Honestly yeah and she like carried the dough with it against her shirt as well and that’s low key gross
Moe's Yummy Food
Moe's Yummy Food 17 天 前
@Steve Barrera I’ll let you slide since you’re probably around 7yrs old with your lack of words. 🤣
Pat C
Pat C 19 天 前
Try ESSA Bagels in NYC..good bagel with plenty of topping
Michael Ladd
Michael Ladd 19 天 前
My mouth is going crazy watching this. W O W.
Michael Ladd
Michael Ladd 19 天 前
Bagel sandwich with salmon!!! Ummm I love it!! So awesome!!😍😍😍😍😍😍
Steven Dubois
Steven Dubois 19 天 前
insupportable le bruit O.o
Jose Kfuri
Jose Kfuri 19 天 前
Long live Russ & Daughters !!!
marry andy
marry andy 19 天 前
Ackie and Orangie
Ackie and Orangie 19 天 前
No use of gloves for sanitation. If those bracelets are dangling and touching the ingredients. Please remove them.
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 19 天 前
Still look like a doughnut to me
Evandro Ribeiro
Evandro Ribeiro 19 天 前
ow nice, but im hungry right now :P
Gui lle
Gui lle 19 天 前
Incontables faltas bromatologícas..
永永YongYong 19 天 前
Video Luna Park
Video Luna Park 20 天 前
Sorry but the best salmon bagel is salmon, cream cheese, black olives, Pecorino romano flakes and wild fennel. If u want to add tomato I personally would use cherry tomatoes.
Joe Daskalakis
Joe Daskalakis 20 天 前
There’s a lot of languages represented here that I can’t read or speak. I’m assuming they’re all talking about that salmon bracelet.
Gods Child
Gods Child 15 天 前
Guess I am not the only one that caught that ..🤮
Darcy Vancans
Darcy Vancans 18 天 前
Dzmitry Chups
Dzmitry Chups 20 天 前
Кулинарный экстаз! Ура!
Римма Остапчук
Римма Остапчук 20 天 前
Столько телодвижений из-за какой-то хрени из теста!
Елена Хрящёва
Елена Хрящёва 20 天 前
Меня терзают смутные сомнения, нигде в России я таких бубликов не видела, и потом варить заготовку из теста в сладкой воде, это как то не по русски Бублики у нас выпекают в печи, а пышки в кипящем масле.
Faina Spivak
Faina Spivak 17 天 前
Вода не сладкая они добавляют Barley malt И это количество не делает воду сладкой. Я с вами согласна так как бублики в России и в Америке совершенно разные они вкусные каждые сами по себе
Muhaimin Choudhury
Muhaimin Choudhury 20 天 前
What are the name of the Ingredients?
Faina Spivak
Faina Spivak 17 天 前
Flour,salt,barley malt,water.yeast,oil
María Félix B
María Félix B 20 天 前
Ian Moss
Ian Moss 20 天 前
Wake up your maintenance man up and tell him to lube the oven.
Roman Kit
Roman Kit 20 天 前
Where healt department belt dirty wood trays dirty
S Capmans
S Capmans 21 天 前
That bracelet 🤮👎YUK ‼️
Ariane Mariano
Ariane Mariano 21 天 前
Not hand rolled??? 😳
barking mouse
barking mouse 21 天 前
There's still a shop open in NYC???? Unicorns DO exist.
Галина Тараканова
Галина Тараканова 21 天 前
Браслеты надо снять,
Арнольд Щварсонег
Арнольд Щварсонег 21 天 前
Ашибаеш самый лучший еда это в ДАГЕСТАНЕ
Eric Laroza
Eric Laroza 21 天 前
You need ear protection from that noise!
Eric Laroza
Eric Laroza 21 天 前
If not for covid they could have been maskless!
Hoppy H
Hoppy H 21 天 前
I want to visit new york
Faina Spivak
Faina Spivak 17 天 前
If you will definitely find the shop name Kats delicatessen. They have the best sandwiches
Spiritus Sanctum
Spiritus Sanctum 21 天 前
Are they there do not go crazy from the whistle ?
Steel Castle
Steel Castle 22 天 前
Nothing like eating a fresh NYC bagel while outside on the SI Ferry to Manhattan!
Ray Blade
Ray Blade 22 天 前
Watching this is so therapeutic....
Charlie G.
Charlie G. 22 天 前
Does anyone know what that powder substance on :39 mark is? Is that Diastatic powder, or semolina flour, or what?
Faina Spivak
Faina Spivak 17 天 前
I think it's a corn meal so bagels will not stick to
Robert, Bob G. Bowser
Robert, Bob G. Bowser 22 天 前
Let's see I'm in Connecticut now. I could be R & D's for breakfast tomorrow!
hervin vaquero
hervin vaquero 23 天 前
Can san body explain de proses and show employees faces wats the deal?
Elaine L.
Elaine L. 23 天 前
The bagels look soooo good … but as a medical lab technician I can't help but notice at 20:44 the shop attendant's wrist-full of well worn and much loved bracelets with dangly pendants making contact with the slab of smoked salmon each time she cuts some for the customers. Wearing gloves that aren't high enough on the arm(s) is merely defeating the purpose.
Darrell Daniels
Darrell Daniels 23 天 前
You can probably hold both halves together and take a bite outta both halves
Henry Park
Henry Park 23 天 前
Her bracelet is touching the salmon and then bagels... they are all over the place now. Big red flag for such a historical place smh
sunny sunny
sunny sunny 24 天 前
Alex Bukov
Alex Bukov 24 天 前
Мне одной интересно куда и как утилизируют такую прорву с маслом?
Penni Iryna
Penni Iryna 23 天 前
Это не масло, это вода.
Елена Фомина
Елена Фомина 24 天 前
Елена Фомина
Елена Фомина 24 天 前
Спасибо. Супер! 🍩🍩🍩
Iridescent Noise
Iridescent Noise 24 天 前
I work at a casino in Vegas and we used to get salmon bagels, free the ones that didn't sell , so good.
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