New York Food - STUFFED FRIED CHICKEN WINGS Park Asia Brooklyn Seafood NYC

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29 天 前

Jewelry Drake
Jewelry Drake 小时 前
23:31 the dirty bandaid
SkyFlower9000 3 小时 前
Wow learnt something new. The script smashing. Save a lot more time
Reymun Valdes
Reymun Valdes 3 小时 前
PrettySolid Queen
PrettySolid Queen 11 小时 前
Lourdes Vieira
Lourdes Vieira 天 前
Que horror
Vera Lúcia
Vera Lúcia 天 前
Islamabad Azadari
Islamabad Azadari 10 小时 前
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Vera Lúcia
Vera Lúcia 天 前
Vera Lúcia
Vera Lúcia 天 前
Vera Lúcia
Vera Lúcia 天 前
Diy Creative
Diy Creative 天 前
Super Interesantes Rezept Ideas !! Amazing !! Big like
Isabel Almeida
Isabel Almeida 天 前
Bien trabajoso.. felicito a los cocineros por tanta ve deliciososisimo
Fatima Umair OFW
Fatima Umair OFW 天 前
Wow nice style
vinodh kumar
vinodh kumar 天 前
Oil n black ⚫ colour while trying to egg dipp
Lourdes LOu Mix Simple Channel
Lourdes LOu Mix Simple Channel 天 前
Wow! Whattah cutting 👏👏👏💯❤️
Just Lisa
Just Lisa 2 天 前
But still looks great!!😃🤩😃🤩
Just Lisa
Just Lisa 2 天 前
Did everyone see how dark the oil is??
Raihan Jamil
Raihan Jamil 2 天 前
Please consider editing your video for duration.
thi lar dine
thi lar dine 2 天 前
wth why it looks like frog legs
hillybeans4&3 2 天 前
3days to prepare; 3 min to gobble; but it looks so worth it!
Billie Goate
Billie Goate 2 天 前
937 thumbs down...I am not going to watch😝
Lewis River
Lewis River 3 天 前
As a chef I respect that that's already a lot of prep work good job kitchen
Joelmir Figueiredo
Joelmir Figueiredo 3 天 前
Tinha que ser americano. Comida coreana simples gostosa!
Kuya Jon's TV
Kuya Jon's TV 3 天 前
wow very complicated but it looks delicious
Jayson Tubil
Jayson Tubil 3 天 前
Sarap naman🙂❤️
n lackey
n lackey 3 天 前
Food art period 😋
Marnee Bragg
Marnee Bragg 3 天 前 left the poop in the shrimp...
Oni Chan
Oni Chan 4 天 前
Eu amo Osso
reyyan khan
reyyan khan 4 天 前
Amazing recipe Superb technique
Y yo aca con una taza de cocido y un pan
Veriiito Chile
Veriiito Chile 4 天 前
Y en q parte de llenaron las altas?????🤔no se vale
Zu. BETTY Torres
Zu. BETTY Torres 5 天 前
Türkan 5 天 前
Zulme bak allah aşkına
Evelyne Zachary
Evelyne Zachary 6 天 前
Can I order some and how, thank you.!!!!!
Katia Regina
Katia Regina 6 天 前
Rozana Pires
Rozana Pires 6 天 前
Q caldo rosado é esse?
Rozana Pires
Rozana Pires 6 天 前
O camarão foi temperado antes de ser posto na asinha?
Bơͫʂͣʂͩɛͣɬͫɬͤą 6 天 前
Yesss l want it
Tammy Tansey
Tammy Tansey 6 天 前
You’re all disgusting and you know damn well that we’re not allowed to eat shrimp or even crab there bugs you do not eat things that cries on the belly that is garbage on the ground on the bottom surface of the ocean you all evil doers y’all gonna pay in the end
Yuki A.
Yuki A. 6 天 前
I almost eating my screen
Leo Thompson
Leo Thompson 6 天 前
Those wings look good but I don't eat seafood so stuff my wings with some cornbread dressing.......
Marquies Riley
Marquies Riley 6 天 前
Hey cameraman, im definitely a salty ass hater cause you get to film and enjoy this food..😂
338 Designs. com
338 Designs. com 6 天 前
What was he stuffing the chicken with?
Kenneth Henley
Kenneth Henley 6 天 前
Would like to know more of what the stuffing was before you put it into the wings
N. Mor
N. Mor 2 天 前
It was only mashed shrimp.
Cyndi Foore
Cyndi Foore 6 天 前
UuuuuuHH, you didn’t clean the vein out before you smashed the shrimp! Gross! There you go....stuff that shrimp with it’s poo in the bag and squirt it into the wing.
Bazelf 7 天 前
I don't need to see the guy de-boning every wing, I don't need to see the guy filling every wing, or piercing it with the stick, or rolling every spring roll or whatever... Totally unnecessary 28 minutes.
Debra Greer
Debra Greer 7 天 前
Yummy 😋
weavah312 7 天 前
So much work into one dish! I was in the industry for 25 years...front and back...Respect level 100.
J-Lynn 7 天 前
I don’t even eat chicken, but I clicked this thumbnail so quick haha now I’m questioning my food preferences
fabiano Fb
fabiano Fb 7 天 前
Putzzz vou pedir um pinto no balde agora rss muito top show
World Of Data
World Of Data 7 天 前
Prawns are not deveined 🧐 not good for health
Елена Свалива
Елена Свалива 7 天 前
It is too complicated and looks not tasty👎
Joey Martins
Joey Martins 7 天 前
O cara que fez tem muito respeito pela comida, deu fome!!
Vanessa Blake
Vanessa Blake 7 天 前
The next time someone complains about how much a dish cost at a restaurant, think of this! Much respect to the workers behind the scenes! Yummy
Goddess Adonis
Goddess Adonis 7 天 前
i love the seafood and regular food it looks so good btw
Goddess Adonis
Goddess Adonis 7 天 前
that decorative carrot should taste better than the fried chicken with all that sculpting!
Ademir Florencio Barros
Ademir Florencio Barros 8 天 前
Fico um excelente prato fino com asa de galinha, mas o preço deve ser mais excelente que o paladar kkkkkk
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday 8 天 前
I think I can make that I think.
Eveling Martinez
Eveling Martinez 8 天 前
Con que preparas el camarón después de triturado
And this is the reason y he get paid the big $$$$$😋😋😋😍😍😍
loveable Aries
loveable Aries 8 天 前
Ya'll gonna ignore he preparing food with a bandaid on his finger with no glovesm
YHVH Hamashiach
YHVH Hamashiach 8 天 前
Like squashing roaches lol
Laura Lorenzo
Laura Lorenzo 8 天 前
Que manos tan mágicas las que preparan esa comido, mis respetos.
Vanessa Andrews
Vanessa Andrews 8 天 前
Blaze Jones
Blaze Jones 9 天 前
You kept showing him doing the same thing over and over...after he stuffed one or two chicken move on we get the idea.
I need a girl
Светлана Кравцова
Светлана Кравцова 9 天 前
Столько труда! Это выковыривать из крылышка косточки? Да они и так вкусные! Делать людям нечего
MissC Jam
MissC Jam 9 天 前
The shrimp poop! 🍤 💩 😷🤮
lu lu
lu lu 9 天 前
Affreux 🤢
Luciano Aiperi da Silva
Luciano Aiperi da Silva 9 天 前
Deve ser muito bom meu Deus frango já é bom imagina com camarão😋🐔🦐🦐🦐🦐
Anyong Aja
Anyong Aja 9 小时 前
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Sunandha Devi Ramanandhan
Sunandha Devi Ramanandhan 9 天 前
Mouthwatering 😋yummy dishhh
Raw Instinct
Raw Instinct 9 天 前
Whats the pink/red liquid
Jeff Stewart
Jeff Stewart 10 天 前
@Looks Delicious, not a Seafood fan but I'll definitely give it a try..
Marianne Johnson
Marianne Johnson 10 天 前
8:34.....meow! I heard a cat meow. Came to say hello....meow. Awww
David Miller
David Miller 10 天 前
The youthful trail conversantly earn because network corroboratively precede onto a itchy romania. abject, precious berry
albertine Nicoud
albertine Nicoud 10 天 前
Cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẽ
Jasón 10 天 前
The origin of SARS-COV-3
Nice Shrimp
GenGarNooB 10 天 前
12:10 momento hispano...
T F 10 天 前
Tyra Nicole
Tyra Nicole 10 天 前
Y’all missing the fact that it wasn’t cleaned the poop was still in the shrimp 🤮
Mike Anthony
Mike Anthony 10 天 前
Where is this restaurant?
Denise Morant
Denise Morant 11 天 前
That looks so delicious, I want some.
Deley Receitas
Deley Receitas 11 天 前
Bela receita, gosto muito de frango frito e crocante.
Thiana Santos
Thiana Santos 天 前
A cara está ótima ,mas pra mim ,faltou tempero ! Sou baiana, então já viu né ?🤭
Clockwork 11 天 前
Stuffed what?
Derick Roman
Derick Roman 11 天 前
kinda don't understand the need to, bar b que-GRILL it tho , before 'frying'????.... vid is so long , got lost.....
Francisco Balajadia
Francisco Balajadia 11 天 前
Why don’t you use a food processor
Mauricio BFT
Mauricio BFT 11 天 前
Comidinha fuleira!
Jeorgina Cruz
Jeorgina Cruz 11 天 前
Zodiac Stop
Zodiac Stop 11 天 前
Do I have to go to New York to get that
Noble Brown
Noble Brown 11 天 前
Just my luck I’ll do all that deboning just to fry the wings and all the filling come out 🤦🏽‍♀️
Coby Jay
Coby Jay 11 天 前
Hmm....that's another way of cooking the stuffed chicken wings. I've always oven roasted the chicken wings and never fried. I also think if you finish them off on a bbq grill to give it that char flavor. yummy!!
krystal hicks
krystal hicks 11 天 前
To time consuming
21deangelo 12 天 前
That's alot of rice paper for that lil taste of filling
enrique Rodriguez
enrique Rodriguez 12 天 前
is garbish, tanta basura para eso por favor 🙏
Chanell Moody
Chanell Moody 12 天 前
Ummm I just don’t know
Ruşen Yildiz
Ruşen Yildiz 12 天 前
Wen summer
Wen summer 12 天 前
Que relleno tiene???
city kelud indah chanel75
city kelud indah chanel75 12 天 前
wow amazing food
YoJoe4368 12 天 前
This has got to be the nastiest Frankenstein creation I've ever seen. Let's turn shrimp into cat food puree and stuff it into a wing. I've heard of surf and turf but damn. Imagine having to prep that every night just for some wings
SoulShine Sessions
SoulShine Sessions 12 天 前
OMG 😱 I must try. Tampa in da house via Philly 🙌 Shout out from JAZZ1CAFE Internet Radio 📻 NeoSoul🎶Hip-Hop Jazz🎶R&B🎶
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